About Us

The Bootniks® Story


Back in 2012, I was having a rough week and instinctively knew the only surefire cure was some old fashioned “retail therapy”. In search of relief, I found myself where else, but in a shoe store!


I promptly spotted two pairs of suede boots. Not being able to choose which pair to buy, like any reasonable woman, I decided to treat myself to both. Besides, it was my birthday.


When I got home, I placed them in the closet.


Now, I keep a pretty clean house, but let’s face it, dust will find its way onto anything. Sure enough, later in the week, I reached for one of the pairs and noticed that they were dusty. The other pair were now flopping over and making the closet look messy. I began to formulate a solution to the problem of keeping my boots upright and clean in a way that would also preserve their shape.


I took out my sewing machine and started working on different designs for boot trees that were not only functional but also fun! Friends would come by and notice my dining room table overflowing with my different creations. As soon as I explained their purpose, each person instantly declared, “I want one”!


Encouraged by this, I continued to refine my designs. Once the basic design was complete, I incorporated a proprietary support technology that is now patented in both the United States and Canada. To make my boot saving system complete, I designed a storage bag in which to keep the boots clean between uses and especially between seasons. The unique design even provides a window to easily identify the boots without having to open the bag. Lastly, there is an item now affectionately called the “Toenik”. A pair of Toeniks are included with each storage bag. The Toenik’s function is engineered to maintain the shape at the front of the boot that is forward of the Bootniks’ legs.


Next, came the search for a manufacturer in the United States. My team and I approached the iconic VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COMPANY since their reputation for quality and hand craftsmanship is well known, it was a match made in heaven.


In 2016, our Bootniks were officially born on the Fourth of July and ready for their debut.


We are very proud to introduce “THE VERMONT TEDDY BEAR® COLLECTION”. It all begins with our adorable Bear design, offered in 5 different fur colors. Many more irresistible designs are coming soon and plans to expand the Bootniks family are already in motion.


Our goal at Bootniks is to offer affordable, quality made, whimsical products that protect your investment by extending the life of your boots.


After all…Bootniks are where fun and function meet!


So what began as therapy, evolved into the most practical, functional and playful solution to an age old problem…No more floppy, dusty and saggy boots!


My colleagues and I are thrilled to welcome you to the world of Bootniks and sincerely hope that you enjoy receiving and sharing this wonderful solution with your family and friends.