What are Bootniks?
Bootniks are a whimsical and practical solution to an age old problem of floppy, dusty and saggy boots. Bootniks help preserve the shape of your boots, keep them upright and prevent scuffing and sagging. This unique solution will preserve your boots for years to come while protecting your investment.


How big are Bootniks?
Approximately 22″ tall (not including ears) by 8″ wide and 6″ deep with an inseam of approximately 16″.


What size boots do Bootniks work with?
Fits most adult boot sizes 6 and up and works best with shaft heights from approximately 7” to 16”.


Do Bootniks work with wet boots?
It is not recommended to place Bootniks in boots that are not completely dry.


How do I care for my Bootniks?
First, remove all accessories. Hand wash with warm water and mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Gently wring out excess water. Air dry. It is recommended that you place a tray under the wet Bootniks to catch any excess water.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?
Yes. Shipments to all APO/FPO addresses will be sent via the UPS SurePost® system.


How do I return my Bootniks?
Refer to our return policy.


What if my Bootniks arrive damaged?
Please contact our customer service department at CustomerService@bootniks.com or call us during business hours at 1-727-442-4004. (Business Hours: M-F, 10am – 5pm EST. Closed Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.)


Are Bootniks safe for children or pets?
Bootniks and accessories are not intended for use as toys. Please keep away from children and pets as embellishments can potentially become a choking hazard to an unattended child or pet.


How do I get the One Year Warranty?
Just click on the Bootniks Registry button in the banner on the Home Page and fill out the Registry Form. Bootniks are designed to last a lifetime with proper care and normal use. Do not separate the Bootniks legs beyond 5” to 6” as it may permanently damage its internal structure and void the warranty. Bootniks and accessories are not intended for use as toys. Should a factory defect cause your Bootniks to not perform or function as designed, we will happily repair or replace your Bootniks.


If a specific fur color or design is discontinued, making it impossible for us to repair or replace your Bootniks with an exact look-alike, we will gladly send one of our newer Bootniks of equal value. This warranty does not apply to Bootniks accessories, but only to the Bootniks themselves. Please call customer service at 1-727-442-4004 for more information.