Storage Bag & Toeniks – Leopard


(3 Piece Set)


Complete your Bootniks purchase with a fashionable yet functional Leopard Storage Bag and Toeniks set. Toeniks were specifically designed to maintain the shape of your boot’s toes. This 3 piece accessory set is the perfect complement to any Bootniks purchase, enhancing storage and preservation.  This set coordinates best with all buttercream, black and honey Bootniks.


Directions for use: Insert a Toenik into the toe of each boot as far forward as it can go. Lay the bag flat on a table with the window side down (facing the table). Place a boot in each compartment with the boot toe pointing outward toward the ribbon ties. Stand up the boot in the bag and then insert your Bootniks. Adjust the bag to eliminate any folds. Cinch up the top ribbon to close the bag and then tie the remaining ribbons. With this complete storage solution, you have safeguarded your boot investment and turned your closet into a fashionable boot haven.


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  • The world’s most effective boot and closet organization accessory.
  • The Storage Bag and the outer shell of the Toeniks are made using 100% polyester.
  • The Storage Bag measures approximately 30 x 27 inches when laid flat. The bag has 2 compartments – one for each boot. Each compartment will accommodate a boot length up to 14 inches.
  • Each bag comes with a see-through panel/window measuring approximately 8.5 x 5.75 inches, allowing you to quickly identify the boots inside the bag. It also has a 2.75 inch tab at the top of the bag that can be used to hang your boots.
  • Each Toenik measures approximately 8 x 4 x 4 inches and are filled with 100% polyester fiber creating maximum flexibility so it can snuggly fit into the toe of adult boot sizes 6 and up.
  • Bootniks and accessories are not intended for use as toys. Please keep away from children and pets as embellishments can potentially become a choking hazard to an unattended child or pet.
  • To care for your Storage Bag and/or Toeniks: Use a mild detergent and warm water; agitate with your hands. Rinse thoroughly, blot out the excess moisture and then lay flat or hang to dry.
  • Storage Bag and Toeniks are manufactured in China.
  • Bootniks and Boots shown for display purposes only, not included with purchase of storage bag set.
Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 8 × 6 in


  • The Storage Bag measures approximately 30 x 27 inches when laid flat and weighs 4 oz.
  • Each Toenik measures approximately 8 x 4 x 4 inches and weighs 1.13 oz.


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